Reading For Young Learners Kinder 3


Marie Tess Flauta, Marie Tess Paqueo Andoy, Rowena V. Dagdag


Kinder 3



Reading for Young Learners (RFYL) Kinder 3 gives you the right help you need to deliver effective support. It provides learners with enough exercises to help them reinforce their ability to automatically recognize letters and words. Learners who have developed strong learning to read foundations- alphabet knowledge, phonemic awareness and print awareness are most likely to succeed in reading tasks. RFYL Kinder 3 has been designed with one specific goal in mind, fluency. Fluency plays a key role in comprehension. No comprehension while decoding is not reading. It is just word calling. Fluency is extremely important because it allows learners to focus his/her energy on comprehension rather than on decoding. Faulty decoding can cause comprehension breakdown.