Meow and Furever: Growing Up with Your Cat



Maria Soledad Racho


Dr. Ma. Rosario Racho


Did you know that cats, unlike dogs, wag their tails continuously when they are upset or mad? and, that cats are clean and hygienic pets that they tend to hide their poop and urine away from people?

Meow and Furever: Growing Up With Your Cat tackles these details concerning cats such as their behaviour, proper feeding and grooming, tips on maintaining a good cat health, and needed supplies and materials when having a pet cat. It even includes a few homemade recipes and do-it-yourself cat toys that children can make for their cats.

The book also includes a step-by-step guide suitable for kids and adults alike, accompanied with wonderful illustrations that will inspire children towards becoming a responsible cat owner
So, come and discover for yourself the fun and challenges one awaits when raising a cat.